Coming soon: Retail Strips & Precincts Report

Retail strips and precincts have traditionally been the hub of their local communities, offering meeting places, top-up shopping and essential services.

Whilst many suburban strips have been impacted by the emergence of large format, suburban shopping centres, there has been a resurgence of interest in the traditional strip as café culture and retailtainment precincts; once again the social heart of their communities.

However, there have been a number of recent media reports damning the strips. It is timely to measure not only how these precincts continue to evolve, but their performance and vitality to present the real picture and to bring SEQld up to speed with ongoing retail analyses regularly undertaken by our southern cousins.

The Suburban Alliance will undertake regular monitoring of a series of strip retail and commercial precincts across SEQld, quantifying the mix of space in these precincts and vacancy rates.

We are looking to partner with commercial agents across SEQld to deliver a robust “go-to” resource for our strip precincts and to release the inaugural results in a tailored event later this year.