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Lured by the five-minute commute, millennials making a bee-line to the bush
Regional Australia has become a magnet for millennials, according to a new report challenging the perception that young people in the country are itching to leave for the big smoke. The report, “Big Movers: Population Mobility in Australia”, released today looks at population trends between the last two national censuses 0 Comments
Offices, housing, shops – and 6,000 jobs – for suburban Box Hill
Vicinity Centres (Vicinity) has unveiled proposed plans to revitalise the heart of Box Hill’s CBD, to create a bustling new town square and mixed-use precinct with new residential, commercial and retail developments, representing a very significant private investment into Box Hill. One of Victoria’s largest private urban regeneration projects, the 0 Comments
Government budgets favour inner city over suburban priorities
The Suburban Alliance budget submission to the Queensland Governments points out that, over 8 years, spending has overwhelmingly favoured well to do inner city areas, while more economically challenged outer suburban areas are being asked to bear most of the population growth burden while receving the least government budget support. 0 Comments
Smart Cities Council CEO, Adam Beck, interview with Suburban Alliance
ADAM BECK: Another Bounce Lab discovery session done. I thoroughly enjoyed this catch up with Ross Elliott from the The Suburban Alliance, sharing observations from the suburbs, their role during the lock-down and their potential future in the digital rebuild of our economy. What do you think will be the 0 Comments
Are Australia’s suburbs ready for post COVID-19 opportunities?
It is hard to turn around 30 years of focus on the inner city and suddenly flick a suburban or regional light switch on. You might find the cabling lacking, the bulb blown and the switch no longer compliant. Our suburban business centres across Australia have largely been overlooked and 0 Comments
Exclusive content coming soon… “Cities post COVID”
The The New York Times called him “America’s uber geographer.” Prolific author on cities and demography, USA based Joel Kotkin shares his thoughts on cities in a post covid world with The Suburban Alliance director Guy Gibson. Exclusive online interview is available now from our events section Please sign up as a members and login to see 0 Comments
The Creative Suburb?
With a view to reduce or eliminate the commute, in 2016, Dr Malcolm Holz hypothesised an entire neighbourhood, suburb, or town being populated by residents who work or can work from home.  Whilst focused on creative industries workers – arguably one of the hardest hit and least financially supported cohorts 0 Comments
Steve Austin 612ABC interview on suburbia
ABC radio’s Steve Austin interviews the Suburban Alliance’s Ross Elliott on a range of ideas for a future suburbia, in response to coronavirus and other influences. Listen online here. Interview commences at 1:12:05 0 Comments
Are cities prepared for home based working?
If yesterday’s futurists overstated the extent to which the Internet would usher in an era of remote working, perhaps we underappreciate its virtues today. As many Americans experiment with working from home in the weeks and months to come, an untold number may join the ranks of home-based business operators—and 0 Comments
Where you live photo competition
Promotion Details Featured Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels Promotion name Live Where You Live Photo Competition Eligible States/Territories Queensland Promotion period Start Date: 9th June 2020 End Date: 31 July 2020 at 17:00 pm AEST. Promotional Period: From the Start Date until the End Date. Promoter SUBURBAN ALLIANCE ABN: 59618981883   Eligible 0 Comments