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HSBC To Slash Office Space By 43% As COVID Ushers In Hybrid Work (UK)
There is absolutely no way to avoid a great deal of pain coming to the commercial real estate market as companies dump or are planning to eliminate office space as the pandemic has changed the office’s role.  HSBC Holdings Plc is the latest company that will reduce its “real estate 0 Comments
Tech jobs are booming. Remote working is now a top demand for job hunters (from the UK)
More than 100,000 new tech jobs have been created in the UK since the start of the pandemic, but growing momentum behind remote working could mean a ‘dramatic’ scaling back of office space and tech hubs. Article from Tech Republic here 0 Comments
Real crisis hasn’t even begun yet (from Korea)
Problems caused by a brief downturn in the economy can be fixed when the economy bounces back. But it’s tougher to fix problems that result from structural changes.The average vacancy rate at office buildings in Tokyo’s five central wards rose to 4.82% last month. That rate was at 1.53% one 0 Comments
Remote Workers Wanted: Small Cities Offer Cash to Those Who Relocate
As the pandemic changes how — and where — professionals work, some smaller cities and regions are offering hefty relocation incentives to attract remote workers to help jumpstart their local economies. WSJ met one family who accepted an offer to make a new home in the Ozarks. Photo: Craig Kauffman 0 Comments
Boom time in the burbs as firms fall out of love with city centre
One of the first comprehensive surveys of how COVID-19 is likely to change workplaces in south-east Queensland found that 88 per cent of CBD-based firms are considering changes in their workplaces, including relocating, shrinking the amount of floor space they occupy or reconfiguring offices. Nearly one in five commercial tenants 0 Comments
Listen to ABC Radio’s Steve Austin interview
ABC Radio’s Steve Austin interviews the Suburban Alliance on how prospects for outer suburban regions like SEQ’s Moreton Bay (and the Mill project in particular) have been reshaped as a result of Covid. Interview starts at around 18m50s. Later in the program, Steve interviews the inimitable Bernard Salt on how 0 Comments
Revitalising our cities – let’s really mean it
Just four years ago, growth areas received only 13% of federal infrastructure, while they generated 35% of population growth and 25% of jobs growth. Recent infrastructure investment by State and Federal governments has started to improve on the shocking growth areas infrastructure deficit (20% less than other metropolitan areas), but 0 Comments
Logan’s and Redlands’economic future: new report
Regional Development Australia – Logan & Redlands Incorporated – have released a new report which outlines the many opportunities for the region, along with a number of its pressing infrastructure needs. The Regional Development Australia (RDA) Logan and Redlands Committee was appointed by the Australian Government to consider, coordinate and 0 Comments
Queensland Streets Ahead in Race to Create Smart Cities
Queensland has several flagship masterplanned communities under development, including Ripley, Springfield, Yarrabilba and although a little further away, Flinders. This puts the local government areas of Ipswich City Council and the City of Logan in an enviable position to lead the rest of the nation as benchmarks for creating truly 0 Comments
The 40 coolest neighbourhoods in the world
Every year, [Timeout] survey thousands of people around the globe to discover the world’s coolest neighbourhoods: the places that represent the spirit of the greatest cities on earth. These are the places to be for food and fun, art and culture, atmosphere and personality. Every year, there’s plenty of debate and 0 Comments