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Vancouver’s suburban success story
Much is made in planning circles of the lauded Vancouver downtown. But it seems that on both jobs growth and population growth, the suburbs are winning hands down. “With most of the region’s growth in employment and population occurring outside of the historical urban core over the past decade, reports 0 Comments
A sustainable suburbia
By Alan M. Berger, Professor of Landscape and Urbanism at M.I.T. and Director Emeritus of the M.I.T. Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism; and David Gordon, Professor and former Director of the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada.  Our development strategy for suburbia in 0 Comments
The great office refusal
We are in the midst of what the CEO of Zillow has called “the great reshuffling,” essentially an acceleration of an already entrenched trend of internal American migration toward suburbs, the sunbelt, and smaller cities. Between 2019 and 2021 alone, a preference for larger homes in less dense areas grew 0 Comments
What if they opened the office and nobody came?
For months, corporate hegemons, real estate brokers and their media acolytes have been insisted that a return to “normalcy,” that is, to the office, was imminent. Some companies threatened to reduce the incomes of remote workers, and others warned darkly that those most reluctant to return to the five-day-a-week grind 0 Comments
Survival of the city: Living and Thriving in an Age of Isolation
Survival of the City: Living and Thriving in an Age of Isolation, by Harvard University economists Edward Glaeser and David Cutler characterizes the pandemic as a serious “existential threat to the urban world, because the human proximity that enables contagion is the defining characteristic of the city” (Note on Authors). 0 Comments
Michaerl Matusik
Stuff Worth Knowing #6: SEQld attached dwelling demand
From respected planner and property market commentator Michael Matusik: “Last week’s post sparked a bit of conjecture with a select group of town planners, some developers and inner-city leftie types who, in summation, told me that my future detached housing demand figures were way too high and that many more people will 0 Comments
We’re never leaving the home office: Pandemic offers end to commute
The work-from-home revolution started by COVID-19 lockdowns will not end once the pandemic is over, with the Productivity Commission revealing Australians have embraced their home offices and the massive savings in time by avoiding the daily commute. Research released on Thursday by the commission shows working just one day a 0 Comments
Deloitte Signs 10-Year Lease for Parramatta Square Tower
Deloitte Australia will take up a 10-year lease in Walker Corporation’s new Parramatta Square precinct development in September next year. Deloitte will become a key tenant at 8 Parramatta Square, signalling its commitment to the future of Western Sydney. The $2.7-billion Parramatta Square redevelopment includes four towers, premium-grade office space, 0 Comments
City dwellers are being lured by small town dreams. Can the regions cope?
There aren’t many of us who haven’t dreamed of packing it all up, moving to the country, and setting up the family with more space, friendly neighbours and lots of fresh air. Now, thanks to flexible work arrangements, the pandemic’s made that dream a possibility for a lot more people. 0 Comments
Ask the Experts: The World After COVID.
A fascinating discussion with Richard Florida, the world’s premier urban expert, Joel Kotkin , Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University, Behki Mahlobo, analyst and economic researcher at the Center of Risk Analysis in Johannesburg; Li Sun, expert of Chinese cities and professor at the University of Leeds; and 0 Comments