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How the Irish are preparing for a remote working world
The Irish Government aren’t waiting for Lady Luck, they are already preparing a range of policy and tax measures in recognition of the profound changes that Covid has made to work and where we do it. These include the creation of a conducive environment, leveraging infrastructure, tax and expenses, addressing 0 Comments
Developers Prep for Melbourne’s Newest Suburb Pakenham East
Lendlease, Satterley and Parklea are about to move into Pakenham East the first of six new suburbs to be fast-tracked in Melbourne. The three developers will soon be able to submit applications following approval of the precinct structure plan and infrastructure contributions plans. Pakenham East is one of six major 0 Comments
Parramatta Grows as Leading Legal, Business Hub
Parramatta is home to the second-largest legal and justice precinct in Greater Sydney behind the Sydney CBD. However, there is a large gap—only 6 per cent of NSW barristers are located in Parramatta, while there are just 1,000 legal jobs compared to 16,000 in the CBD. There are a number 0 Comments
Are Suburbs the New Cities? Exploring the Future of Suburban Development in the United States
Suburbs as we know them are changing forever. Partially exacerbated by the effects of the pandemic, residents are leaving cities in droves in search of more favorable living conditions where more space, privacy, and affordability offers what some consider to be a more comfortable lifestyle. But as time goes on, and 0 Comments
These Tech Companies Are Paying Workers the Same Rates Across U.S.
Tech workers and employers alike are beginning to question location-focused pay scales. A handful of companies are moving to abandon them altogether. In setting pay without regard for location, tech companies including Reddit Inc. and Zillow Group Inc. are making a potentially expensive gamble to retain talent and gain a hiring edge. 0 Comments
The age of suburbia
“Mr. Covid has been the best city and regional planner Australia has ever had. The suburbs will shine and regions will grow. Maybe we should forget about big city infrastructure projects for a while and spend it on our future resilient communities where people look out for each other.” So 0 Comments
Brisbane Inner City still the biggest beneficiary of Qld Gov’t CAPEX
by economist Gene Tunny Following last year’s state budget, I posted on how Brisbane’s inner city was the big winner regarding state government capital spending. That continues in 2020-21 with the continuation of the huge Cross River Rail project (see chart below). Out of budgeted state government capital purchases of $12.6 0 Comments
We may be nearing “peak city”. This shift undermines all of the place-based strategies that economic development organisations have been promoting for decades. It’s a topic David Levinson will be addressing at the Festival of Urbanism 13-26 November. Story here 0 Comments
Oracle joins HQ movers to Texas from Valley, expands work-from-home options for workers
Tech giant Oracle Corp. will move its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas, and let many employees choose their office locations and decide whether to work from home. “Depending on their role, this means that many of our employees can choose their office location as well as continue to 0 Comments
World-class new university campus at Parramatta/Westmead
A world-class multi-disciplinary university campus will be able to be delivered within the Westmead Health and Innovation District with the signing of a framework agreement between the NSW Government and the University of Sydney. The new University campus will build on the District’s role as one of the largest health, 0 Comments