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US retailer to sell sprawling new and unused headquarters to shift to remote work
Outdoor retailer REI is selling its newly completed — and currently unused — 8-acre corporate campus in Bellevue, Washington, instead shifting to a “less centralized approach to its headquarters presence in the Seattle area.” “The dramatic events of 2020 have challenged us to reexamine and rethink every aspect of our 0 Comments
REAL ESTATE The flight to the suburbs is real and growing, as coronavirus changes the way people live
If millennials once piled into the cities, fueling downtown renewal and growth, apparently they are now piling out. The stay-at-home orders brought on by coronavirus have more potential homebuyers looking for properties in the suburbs. Millennials are now the largest cohort of buyers.  Full story from CNBC (USA) 0 Comments
Are suburban economies proving more resilient? The case of New York City and the suburbs.
Interesting New York Times article that explores the reasons why a number of major retail and dining establishments have quit New York City for good, while their suburban and regional outlets continue to trade, in some cases strongly. Read the story here 0 Comments
A geographically dispersed economy: using all the levers at our disposal
In the pursuit of suburban and regional renewal, have we fallen into the trap of thinking this is a responsibility for local governments? Have we become too reliant on local government powers to provide incentives to attract and stimulate development – things like density bonuses, rates relief, infrastructure charges relief 0 Comments
How offices can save the suburban shopping strip
Property veteran Simon D’Arcy may have found a neat solution for retail landlords battling record vacancy rates on suburban strips: turn them into design-focused offices for small businesses. Mr D’Arcy, whose career has included stints managing commercial assets for Mirvac and Newmark Capital and as a leasing agent for Knight 0 Comments
COVID-19 has transformed work. It could revolutionize the office next
Over the last decade, there’s been a marked shift in many office environments in metro Detroit. Some companies based in spacious suburban offices with ample parking spaces moved to smaller and more expensive locations in downtown Detroit. Parking came in the form of packed garages, but these sacrifices were mostly considered justifiable 0 Comments
Will cities bounce back from COVID, or are we facing a nonurban future?
“…even as the COVID-19 death toll rises in the nation’s most dense urban cores, economists still mostly expect them to bounce back, once there is a vaccine, a treatment or a successful strategy to contain the virus’s spread. “I end up being optimistic,” said Harvard economist Edward Glaeser. “Because the 0 Comments
More people will live in the country and work from home after COVID, experts say
For the last couple decades, young people in Australian cities have been told they have two basic options: rent forever or else take on a massive mortgage to own a plot in the outer suburbs. If they’re single, they might get an apartment slightly closer. Even if you’re not thinking 0 Comments
Brisbane suburbs focus of new marketing and photo campaign
The Suburban Alliance have joined forces with the Committee for Brisbane to launch a photo competition to find iconic imagery of Brisbane suburbs that showcases the true beauty of our city. Suburban Alliance director and former CEO of Brisbane Marketing (2001-04) Ross Elliot said most of the images used to 0 Comments
What will our cities look like post COVID-19?
World leading urbanist and author Joel Kotkin recently spoke exclusively to Suburban Alliance Director Guy Gibson about what our cities – and America will look like post COVID-19 Click the video below to see the highlights and sign up to login and watch the whole interview HERE 0 Comments