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In praise of sprawl
by Arthur Chrenkoff There are many differences between the suburbanites and the suburbs haters, but the one big one is this: the suburbanities are the live-and-let-live crowd – they know what they like but they don’t give a shit if you don’t like it. It’s your business and it’s your 0 Comments
Manhattan Faces a Reckoning if Working From Home Becomes the Norm
Even after the crisis eases, companies may let workers stay home. That would affect an entire ecosystem, from transit to restaurants to shops. Not to mention the tax base. Read the New York Times article here 0 Comments
Solutions in the suburbs
m3architecture has undertaken a study, ‘Solutions in the Suburbs’, to look at how suburbs can accommodate the doubling of our population in the next 40 years. Read the report here 0 Comments
Smart Cities Council CEO, Adam Beck, interview with Suburban Alliance
ADAM BECK: Another Bounce Lab discovery session done. I thoroughly enjoyed this catch up with Ross Elliott from the The Suburban Alliance, sharing observations from the suburbs, their role during the lock-down and their potential future in the digital rebuild of our economy. What do you think will be the 0 Comments
Are Australia’s suburbs ready for post COVID-19 opportunities?
It is hard to turn around 30 years of focus on the inner city and suddenly flick a suburban or regional light switch on. You might find the cabling lacking, the bulb blown and the switch no longer compliant. Our suburban business centres across Australia have largely been overlooked and 0 Comments
Help us, help you! 5min Survey
The Suburban Alliance has launched a survey to identify Brisbane’s top 10 suburban renewal opportunities. We need your help! We want to hear from people that live and work in Brisbane’s suburbs about the suburbs that are most in need infrastructure upgrades, funding and support. Please complete the survey ( 0 Comments
America’s Biggest Cities Were Already Losing Their Allure. What Happens Next?
“The pandemic has been particularly devastating to America’s biggest cities, as the virus has found fertile ground in the density that is otherwise prized. And it comes as the country’s major urban centers were already losing their appeal for many Americans, as skyrocketing rents and changes in the labor market 0 Comments
Who Will Prosper After the Plague?
The tech sector and the managerial class will get richer, while the rest of us become their serfs, writes Joel Kotkin in Tablet Mag. Full story here 0 Comments
The Coronavirus Is Changing the Future of Home, Work, and Life
The COVID-19 pandemic will be shaping how we live, work and learn about the world long after the last lockdown ends and toilet paper hoarding is done, accelerating shifts that were already underway including the dispersion of population out of the nation’s densest urban areas and the long-standing trend away 0 Comments
Density and Disease
Cities are, by definition, the “absence of physical space between people,” as Harvard economist Edward Glaeser describes them. Their success depends on the face-to-face contact now perilous to our health. Contagion turns the logic of cities on its head. “If you’re close enough to share an idea,” observes Glaeser, “you’re close enough to 0 Comments