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Frasers, Winton Win Approval for $750m Macquarie Exchange in suburban Sydney
Frasers Property Industrial and Winten Property Group has been green-lit for what they describe as “Australia’s first community business district”, a new urban hub, the Macquarie Exchange. Construction on the $750 million project, located 12 kilometres north-west of Sydney, is expected to kick off in the third quarter of this 0 Comments
Suburban Lutwyche renewal proposal
Bold plans have been submitted to council for the development of a large integrated mixed-use transit development known as ‘Lamington Markets’ which proposes to revitalise a vacant Lutwyche Road site leftover by the construction of the Inner Northern Busway. Developed by Marketplace Developments and designed by Conrad Gargett Architects, Lamington 0 Comments
Resisting the urban brain drain
Daniel Oberhaus of Wired recently penned an article How Smaller Cities Are Trying to Plug America’s Brain Drain He cited interesting new research which, “found that highly educated adults in their thirties were fleeing rural and postindustrial states to major tech centers like San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Boston.” “The report, 0 Comments
Collaborations & Learning with the Center for Advanced Urbanism in the US
Suburban Alliance director Ross Elliott travels near and far in his quest for better suburbs. This week he was in Massachusetts visiting the Center for Advanced Urbanism … “Spent a day with the team at MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism, learning and sharing, and hoping to line up more engagement 0 Comments
Regional australia jobs
School’s out – where will our new graduates get jobs?
As schools around the country celebrate the end of term, it’s worth thinking about where these new graduates will seek work. Sally Cripps from Queensland Country Life has raised the unspoken issue of bias in the media influencing the value and perception of jobs in regional areas for graduates. “When 0 Comments
Cities Suburbs New America
Cities, suburbs and New America
Suburban Alliance supporters, author Joel Kotkin, and MIT Professor Alan Berger were recently guest speakers at a Cities, Suburbs and New America conference presented by SMU-Cox Folsom Institute for Real Estate, the SMU Economics Center, and the Center for Opportunity Urbanism. This lively discussion is about changing city/suburb dynamics. Image 0 Comments
The language we use to discuss innovation and creativity has such a pro-urban bias that we’ve forgotten these qualities flourish outside of cities, too
Richard Sheamur Director of the School of Urban Planning at McGill University recently wrote a thought-provoking article about the language we use and how it perpetuates and reveals fundamental biases. Sheamur wrote in his article for CityLab; “It can be argued that urban innovation and creativity have combined, giving birth 0 Comments
Joel Kotkin in Quillette
A new urban politics (and why downtown Mayors won’t rule the world)
Joel Kotkin recently wrote in Quillette: “Earlier in this decade, cities—the bigger and denser the better—appeared as the planet’s geographic stars. … In reality, the validity of the “back to the city” meme was never as pronounced as its boosters believed. And now it seems, if anything, to be reversing—first demographically, 0 Comments
Reshaping the ‘boomburgs’: Minister takes on challenge of managing Sydney’s urban sprawl
Resharing this very relevant article by Kelly Fuller via ABC about how Sydney is dealing with its urban sprawl. Fuller writes “In the next 17 years, Sydney’s population is expected to grow by 1.5 million people, a large percentage of whom will pour into the south-west growth corridor. This has 0 Comments
Younger Americans Don’t Hate Suburbia
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