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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s comments about San Francisco are a warning sign for the city’s tech scene
Sharing a recent CNBC article by Ari Levy: “Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told investors this week that the company will be more distributed because “our concentration in San Francisco is not serving us any longer.” While Dorsey hasn’t said how and where it will hire, the software industry has been 0 Comments
Suburbs Are Urban Places Too
Laura Vaughan, CityLab Scholar and author Peter Ackroyd argues that suburbs have complex urban qualities, but they are poorly understood. While both urban and rural studies have long thrived, the academic study of suburbs is still a relatively new field—despite the fact that, as Ackroyd has claimed, suburbs are as 0 Comments
Suburbanites are actually more diverse and socially engaged than city counterparts
The suburbs have long been criticized by such scholars as Kenneth Jackson and Robert Putnam, as well as Jane Jacobs, as places of isolation but AEI’s Survey on Community and Society debunks the myth that city living is more social and diverse. In an article published on New Geography by a 0 Comments
Reimagining Suburbia: What if the world’s greatest architects began looking beyond the city limits?
“Recently, (Renzo) Piano assigned six young designers on his staff to work on a suburban renewal initiative. The research project … studies experimental and low-cost ways to repair the frayed tissue of cities’ outskirts. In a recent interview with National Public Radio, Piano explained that the suburbs are where most 0 Comments
How investments in innovation districts can combat regional divides
Brookings Institute writers suggest innovation districts that embrace the assets and attributes of “city-ness,” including density, proximity, and high levels of accessibility, have good prospects for economic success. Read it here. 0 Comments
The Myth of the Urban Boomer
“…news media accounts have promoted the idea that boomers are returning to cities at a rapid rate,” writes economist Jed Kolko in The New York Times. “It seems to make sense. Many downtowns are safer and livelier than they were 30 years ago. At a certain point, downsizing and 0 Comments
Suburban 4 bed home still most popularly searched online
According to a report in The Australian (24 Jan 2020), chief economist Nerida Consibee, says the most popular house searched on the site between 2016 and 2018 was the same — four bedrooms, two bathrooms and two garage spaces. People were also after lots of 665sq m or more… 0 Comments
Frasers, Winton Win Approval for $750m Macquarie Exchange in suburban Sydney
Frasers Property Industrial and Winten Property Group has been green-lit for what they describe as “Australia’s first community business district”, a new urban hub, the Macquarie Exchange. Construction on the $750 million project, located 12 kilometres north-west of Sydney, is expected to kick off in the third quarter of this 0 Comments
Suburban Lutwyche renewal proposal
Bold plans have been submitted to council for the development of a large integrated mixed-use transit development known as ‘Lamington Markets’ which proposes to revitalise a vacant Lutwyche Road site leftover by the construction of the Inner Northern Busway. Developed by Marketplace Developments and designed by Conrad Gargett Architects, Lamington 0 Comments
Resisting the urban brain drain
Daniel Oberhaus of Wired recently penned an article How Smaller Cities Are Trying to Plug America’s Brain Drain He cited interesting new research which, “found that highly educated adults in their thirties were fleeing rural and postindustrial states to major tech centers like San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Boston.” “The report, 0 Comments