The Persistent Economic Advantage of America’s Suburbs
Richard Florida, CityLab The rise of the city and the decline of the suburbs has emerged as a common meme in recent years. The young, the educated, and the affluent have come streaming back to the urban core, driving up rents, driving out the poor, and giving rise to patterns 0 Comments
High-Amenity Districts Create a Happier, Healthier, and More Reciprocal Civil Society
Ryan Streeter, City Journal In their influential 1977 essay, “To Empower People”, Peter Berger and Richard John Neuhaus proposed that four mediating structures were essential for a healthy and prosperous democratic society: neighborhoods, families, congregations, and voluntary associations. These types of associational institutions create environments in which people care for 0 Comments
Help us, help you! 5min Survey
The Suburban Alliance has launched a survey to identify Brisbane’s top 10 suburban renewal opportunities. We need your help! We want to hear from people that live and work in Brisbane’s suburbs about the suburbs that are most in need infrastructure upgrades, funding and support. Please complete the survey ( 0 Comments
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s comments about San Francisco are a warning sign for the city’s tech scene
Sharing a recent CNBC article by Ari Levy: “Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told investors this week that the company will be more distributed because “our concentration in San Francisco is not serving us any longer.” While Dorsey hasn’t said how and where it will hire, the software industry has been 0 Comments
Suburbs Are Urban Places Too
Laura Vaughan, CityLab Scholar and author Peter Ackroyd argues that suburbs have complex urban qualities, but they are poorly understood. While both urban and rural studies have long thrived, the academic study of suburbs is still a relatively new field—despite the fact that, as Ackroyd has claimed, suburbs are as 0 Comments
Suburbanites are actually more diverse and socially engaged than city counterparts
The suburbs have long been criticized by such scholars as Kenneth Jackson and Robert Putnam, as well as Jane Jacobs, as places of isolation but AEI’s Survey on Community and Society debunks the myth that city living is more social and diverse. In an article published on New Geography by a 0 Comments
Resisting the urban brain drain
Daniel Oberhaus of Wired recently penned an article How Smaller Cities Are Trying to Plug America’s Brain Drain He cited interesting new research which, “found that highly educated adults in their thirties were fleeing rural and postindustrial states to major tech centers like San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Boston.” “The report, 0 Comments
Collaborations & Learning with the Center for Advanced Urbanism in the US
Suburban Alliance director Ross Elliott travels near and far in his quest for better suburbs. This week he was in Massachusetts visiting the Center for Advanced Urbanism … “Spent a day with the team at MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism, learning and sharing, and hoping to line up more engagement 0 Comments
Regional australia jobs
School’s out – where will our new graduates get jobs?
As schools around the country celebrate the end of term, it’s worth thinking about where these new graduates will seek work. Sally Cripps from Queensland Country Life has raised the unspoken issue of bias in the media influencing the value and perception of jobs in regional areas for graduates. “When 0 Comments
Cities Suburbs New America
Cities, suburbs and New America
Suburban Alliance supporters, author Joel Kotkin, and MIT Professor Alan Berger were recently guest speakers at a Cities, Suburbs and New America conference presented by SMU-Cox Folsom Institute for Real Estate, the SMU Economics Center, and the Center for Opportunity Urbanism. This lively discussion is about changing city/suburb dynamics. Image 0 Comments